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The First Post

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Welcome to Through the Fog. My name is Jessica, and I guess this is where I introduce myself. It’s always so hard to describe yourself in one small paragraph… so who am I? Among other things, I am currently a graduate student at the University of Minnesota in the Integrated Behavioral Health Master’s program. I began formally studying human behavior in 1999 at the U of MN, though I have been an observer of our species my whole life. I have had the pleasure and honor of working on a variety of amazing research studies, of which I am sure I will talk more about in upcoming posts. I have found my passion in conducting research in eating disorders treatment and ethics and I am hoping to get my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. I have also had the great pleasure of interacting with human beings all over the world as a flight attendant and as a fitness instructor for many years. You can read more about me on my home page.

This blog may not follow typical blog “rules” on how to build the most followers, etc. You will probably not agree with everything I write here and that is ok. Rather it is a place for me to share the thoughts, writings and other things I think about with others who may benefit from a deeper delve into issues crossing the fields of psychology, psychiatry, biology, ethics, social justice, counseling and therapy, and the general human experience.

In writing this blog, I want to provide a place to ask the hard questions about the field of mental health, mental health treatment, ethics, and simply share a the perspective that I have cultivated over the many years I have pondered these questions. I hope that by sharing my writing here I can encourage the conversation to deepen between clinicians, researchers and clients on the quest to help people as they try to find their way through the fog that is our current mental health system.



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