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Types of Therapy I Offer

There are MANY different types of therapists and therapy available. In your treatment, I will work with you to conduct a thorough assessment of your symptoms, wishes, and goals for therapy. I use my research evidence, my clinical expertise, and your personal preferences and situation to collaboratively decide what we will work on and how we will work on it, including how we will know if therapy is working. 

Behavioral Therapies

Behavioral therapies involve problem-solving to help you create healthy patterns. Behavior change usually leads to changes in how we think!

Cognitive Therapies

Cognitive Therapies help people examine thinking patterns causing distress or impairment in their life. 


Feminist-Relational therapies help people (not just women!) examine how they interact and relate with the world and examine how values and beliefs may be in contrast with other parts of a person's environment. Feminist-Relational ideology attempts to remove as many power differentials as possible in therapy to create the most healing environment for people, especially people who have experienced systematic oppression. #humanfirst


Existential therapies help people understand their meaning and purpose in the world, and how our feelings often arise from the everyday conflicts of life. The search for meaning, reason, and purpose is challenging, and can create deep discord in human beings.  

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