Meet Jessica

Hi, I'm Jessica. I am a researcher, consultant and therapist based out of Minneapolis, MN. I have a Master’s of Professional Studies (MPS) in Integrative Behavioral Health and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology from the University of Minnesota. I also am a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and have worked in outpatient, partial and residential addiction treatment. I have worked in the mental health field in research for over 20 years, and am actively involved in research at the University of Minnesota Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. My own research is on the concept of Exercise Satiation and the implications for exercise behavior, including in eating disorders. I am grateful for all of the past experiences that have influenced my research and counseling work, including 10+ years in the health and wellness industry as a fitness instructor.

If you are interested in working with me clinically, I currently have a 2-4 month waitlist. If you would like to learn more and see if we may be a good fit, please visit the "Counseling" section of my website.

Jessica Lee Barker, MPS, LADC

ex*ert    /ig'zert/


1. apply or bring to bear (a force, influence or quality)

2. make physical or mental effort